Egypt Shore Excursions

Docking in Alexandria gives you easy access to two of history’s most noteworthy cities, Cairo and Alexandria. Day tours in Alexandria take you to Roman and Greek tombs and ruins, as well as the site of the Alexandria’s legendary lighthouse, where Qaitbey Citadel stand today. A few hours south in Cairo you can visit the Giza Pyramids, Cairo’s Citadel, and Islamic Cairo. READ MORE >

On a shore excursion from Port Said, cruise passengers are within easy driving distance of both Alexandria and Cairo. In Cairo, visit the Giza Pyramids or enjoy a tour of Islamic Cairo. In Alexandria, a day trip will take you to visit Roman tombs and ruins and the site of Alexandria’s famous lighthouse, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Today it is the site of Qaitbey Citadel. READ MORE >

On a shore excursion from Safaga, you can chose between excursions to visit Luxor, known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Museum, or Hurghada, a beachside diving destination. Spend the day visiting the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, and other impressive Ancient Egyptian sites or enjoy a day snorkeling and viewing the Red Sea’s plentiful sealife. READ MORE >

As the closest port in Egypt to the capital city of Cairo, docking on Ein El Sokhna Port allows cruise passengers to enjoy a variety of day trips into Cairo and the surrounding areas. See the Giza Pyramids or the other pyramid fields to the south at Dahshur and Sakkara. Head into central Cairo to visit the Egyptian Museum or take a tour of Islamic Cairo and the Citadel. READ MORE >

Memphis Tours offers specially designed tours from all of Egypt’s ports for cruise passengers with limited mobility. Specially equipped transportation and assistance will be provided with itineraries that take your limitations into consideration. Enjoy visiting the Giza Pyramids and other sites in Cairo from Alexandria Port or Port Said. From Safaga tours will visit Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and other sites in Luxor. READ MORE >

In addition to being one of the premier beach holiday locations in the world, Sharm El Sheikh also provides easy access to the natural beauty of the Sinai Peninsula. Experience the world class scuba diving at Ras Mohammed Natural Protected Area or explore Sinai’s interior. Visit St. Katherine Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinai and the beautiful Colored Canyon. READ MORE >